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We offer both personal and corporate specialized services for mutual fund investment and planning. The best way to enter the equity market is the hands-off approach. Create long-term wealth with mutual fund investment.

We offer:
  • Advisory training and consultation
  • Latest technology support for your clients: Web and App login
  • In-house IT team
  • Access to the online transaction platform
  • Support for sales and marketing

Future financial planning is always a smart option for investors. When you invest for the pension scheme, you are planning for the happy retirement. The most secure way to get back your invested wealth.

We offer:
  • Hassle free account opening
  • Paperless procedure
  • NPS through offline mode
  • Free updates and information

A big opportunity for your clients to start with a small amount of investment value. Public issues are more about investing in the brand value. Our back office team helps with the best insightful reports and data for choosing the right IPO investment. Tie up with the leading IPO network.

We offer:
  • Distribution of all the IPOs entering the market
  • Pre-printed form for IPO registration
  • View payment data, allotment data and bid data
  • View live bid details and subscription figures
IPO Open Date Close Date Offer Price Market Lot Issue Size (Rs. Crore)
DOMS INDUSTRIES LIMITED - DOMS 13-Dec-2023 15-Dec-2023 750 to 790 18 1139.73 to 1200.52
ACCENT MICROCELL LIMITED SME IPO - ACCENT 08-Dec-2023 12-Dec-2023 133 to 140 1000 74.48 to 78.40
SHEETAL UNIVERSAL LIMITED SME IPO - SHEETAL 04-Dec-2023 06-Dec-2023 70 2000 23.80
NET AVENUE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED SME IPO - NATL 30-Nov-2023 04-Dec-2023 16 to 18 8000 9.12 to 10.26
GRAPHISADS LIMITED SME IPO - GRAPHISAD 30-Nov-2023 05-Dec-2023 111 1200 80.13
MARINETRANS INDIA LIMITED SME IPO - MARINETRAN 30-Nov-2023 05-Dec-2023 26 4000 10.92
DEEPAK CHEMTEX LIMITED SME IPO - DEEPAKCHEM 29-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 76 to 80 1600 21.88 to 23.04
AMIC FORGING LIMITED SME IPO - AMIC 29-Nov-2023 01-Dec-2023 121 to 126 1000 33.42 to 34.80
SWASHTHIK PALSCON LIMITED SME IPO - SPL 24-Nov-2023 29-Nov-2023 80 to 86 1600 37.92 to 40.75
ROCKING DEALS CIRCULAR ECONOMY LIMITED SME IPO - ROCKINGDCE 22-Nov-2023 24-Nov-2023 136 to 140 1000 20.40 to 21.00
TATA TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED - TATATECH 22-Nov-2023 24-Nov-2023 475 to 500 30 2794.04 to 2941.10
SHA TATA TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED - SHATATA 22-Nov-2023 24-Nov-2023 475 to 500 30 2505.00 to 2636.85
GANDHAR OIL REFINERY INDIA LIMITED - GANDHAR 22-Nov-2023 24-Nov-2023 160 to 169 88 474.02 to 500.69
FEDBANK FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED - FEDFINA 22-Nov-2023 24-Nov-2023 133 to 140 107 1038.46 to 1093.12
FLAIR WRITING INDUSTRIES LIMITED - FLAIR 22-Nov-2023 24-Nov-2023 288 to 304 49 561.79 to 593.00
INDIAN RENEWABLE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY LIMITED - IREDA 21-Nov-2023 23-Nov-2023 30 to 32 460 2015.83 to 2150.21
KALYANI CAST TECH LIMITED SME IPO - KALYANI 08-Nov-2023 10-Nov-2023 137 to 139 1000 29.68 to 30.11
SUNREST LIFESCIENCE LIMITED SME IPO - SUNREST 07-Nov-2023 09-Nov-2023 84 1600 10.84

Investing in the bonds and NCDs is a wise idea but we make it work for you with thorough company details including the ROI. We wish to make it a simple investment for you in terms of tax, security and gain.

We offer:
  • Tax-free bonds
  • GOI bonds
  • Capital gain bonds

Some clients are only concerned about the fixed earnings through the FDI. The corporate fixed deposit is the first choice for every individual in terms of security, fixed income and a higher rate of interest on the investment.

We offer:
  • Expert opinions in choosing the right FDs
  • An online platform for FDs
  • FDs from financial institutions, corporates and NBF companies
  • Live updates on the interest of rate and earnings

When it comes to the overall financial planning and protection, we suggest our associates focus on insurance as the safest form of investment for their clients. It is a relevant, emotionally accepted and long-term investment.

We offer:
  • Life insurance
  • General insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Online platform for payments and receipts

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The most trustworthy marketplace for Financial Advisors across Gujarat. We have a skilled and professional market team to handle various investment product insights and operations.

  • The Biggest Network
    • Leading IPO distributor for years
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  • Multiple Product Categories
    • Corporate tie-ups with leading financial brands
    • A single platform to sell multiple investment products
  • Financial Wellness
    • Make an impact with our wealth management guide
    • Empower your clients with our professional platform
  • Unmatched Technical Support
    • Track progress online on both web and mobile portals
    • Join our wealth experts over insightful reports and data
  • Training and consultation
    • Polish your sales and marketing skills
    • Training provided on each new product segment
  • We are Different
    • We are straightforward about the processes
    • We combine machine learning and option strategies
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